Learning CDP and GRI metrics are part of being competitive as a consultant in Sustainable Development now.  Its hard to make learning standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability dynamic — But Gwen made the sessions interactive and ran us through case-study scenarios.  Well worth the investment and time to take the course through the ISOS group, hopefully you will get Gwen as your instructor!

Sarabeth Brockley, Sustainability Strategy Consultant

Gwendolen was an excellent GRI Certified trainer. She is very knowledgeable of sustainability reporting and the Global Reporting Initiatives. She facilitated a broad range of student background knowledge in class. Her key message of transparency was one that resonated with all. She was very well prepared with many current examples that were helpful to visualize methods of reporting. Gwen’s high energy and optimism made a pleasant insightful class.

Lee Ann Disponett, Global Sustainability Messaging Manager