I took GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) certified training program last year and Gwen was the lead instructor for this program. With her teaching experience in accounting and her hand-on experience in developing sustainability reports for Ball State University, she was able to articulate the course content with real world examples. She was very engaged with us during class room exercises so that we could develop our own sustainability reports when we leave the training program.

I can unequivocally state that Gwen’s teaching method and her engagement with us during the exercises was very beneficial to me.

Senthil Arul

Gwendolen was an excellent GRI Certified trainer. She is very knowledgeable of sustainability reporting and the Global Reporting Initiatives. She facilitated a broad range of student background knowledge in class. Her key message of transparency was one that resonated with all. She was very well prepared with many current examples that were helpful to visualize methods of reporting. Gwen’s high energy and optimism made a pleasant insightful class.

Lee Ann Disponett, Global Sustainability Messaging Manager