Integrated Reporting

SB New Metrics 19 Conference

At the SB New Metrics 19 Conference on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, I will be part of this panel.

Truly Integrated Sustainability and Financial Reporting: Evolution and Technology Solutions

This panel will discuss and demonstrate how integrated reporting can be done in a way that includes BOTH financial and non-financial data. The panel involves discussion of a format that can be used internally for strategy-setting and decision-making and externally to communicate out to investors and analysts. The report protocol and data is assurable. It is designed to meet SEC materiality disclosure standards to be used in 10K filings.

Using a single software platform, this session will show how a public company can begin producing an integrated report. It bridges the gap between ESG data (think CSO) and financial data (think CFO) in a simple and relevant manner. The demo will be used to briefly present how data is collected, structured, audited and communicated to all stakeholders. The discussion will highlight both investors’ and auditors’ points of view.

Please join Bob Laux, Patrick Elie, Andrew Hall, Maxime Cossette and myself for this interesting event.