Training You to Report

Participants in GRI Certified trainings learn how to use the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. This includes understanding the reporting process, evaluating an organization’s significant impacts, determining report topics and performance indicators, and examining best practices sustainability reports. During the training, participants learn how the GRI framework can be applied to their organization, how it can be utilized for assessing their organization’s sustainability risks and opportunities, and how it can facilitate strategic planning.

In the training sessions, I combine my in-depth knowledge of the GRI framework and examples from my experience working on sustainability reports to bring to life the application of the framework. Based on my experience as an educator, I develop exercises for individual and group exercises that highlight the important conceptual and practical application issues of the framework. My approach is to encourage an interactive dialogue that encourages questions and answers from the participants.  All of my training sessions, which usually last two days, are offered through the ISOS Group.  Sessions have been held in a variety of cities including: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Boulder, CO, Minneapolis, Golden, CO, Bloomington, IN, and Eugene, OR.  For a listing of upcoming training sessions please click on the ISOS icon below. I hope to see you there!

Training sessions have been hosted by a wide range of organizations including:

National Geographic
International Flavors & Fragrances
Indiana University
Vox Global
University of Oregon
Miller Coors
Presidio Graduate School
The Earth Institute, Columbia University
Best Buy