Gwen White

Gwendolen White, Ph.D., CPA

Principal, Sustainability Within Reach, LLC

I bring a unique perspective to the practice of sustainability reporting. With a Ph.D. in business administration (accounting concentration) and as a licensed CPA, I understand how sustainability reporting complements traditional financial and managerial accounting. A sustainability report provides a means for an organization to examine all of its risks, whether economic, environmental, or social. Measuring, analyzing, and controlling these risks can often lead to cost reductions, product innovations, operational efficiencies, and in many cases increased profitability. Studies have shown that companies which have voluntarily adopted beneficial environmental (e.g., emissions reductions) and social policies (e.g., human rights protection) demonstrate both higher stock market values and financial performance. These companies are more likely to have a long-term strategy and to make disclosures of non-financial information.

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